Male Dog aged 6 years 7 months.

Charlie & Gizmo have lived together since they were pups. Due to personal reasons their owners very sadly had to part with their dogs 18months ago and poor Charlie & Gizmo waited patiently in a private boarding kennels for something good to happen to change their lives. They had lost their home & their family, but they had each other . Their lives have now moved up a good few notches when they were offered rescue space at DBARC and hopefully the boys will soon get a wonderful new home. They are lovely dogs, typical bouncy Labrador types, but also biddable. They are always excited and delighted to have any attention, but they soon settle down and they react well to firm, positive guidance. They are very friendly and loving dogs but would be far too lively to be around young children. They have only ever lived with each other and have not lived with cats. Both will need some lead training as they tend to pull at first on a walk, just so pleased to get out and about! They are good travelling in the car. Charlie could definately do with losing a few kgs !! They are happy, affectionate boys who just deserve the chance of a wonderful new life together.

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