Male Dog aged 2 years 4 months.

Mickey was adopted from DBARC just over 3 months ago - but has sadly been returned because of his behaviour around other dogs. He is a very strong boy, and when he sees another dog he tends to pull to go and see them - he can be quite a handful and his adopter is going to need to be able to control him! Training classes will be a must for this energetic young man!! One to One training will probably be best to start with, to build up a bond with him before tackling his dog to dog issues. He's a big lad, and most dogs will not tolerate his over enthusiastic behaviour, he is going to need help learning how to be a good doggie citizen! He is great with people, but again can be very over enthusiastic - so he would not suit a home where there are young children either resident or regularly visiting, he would probably just knock the kids down all the time! Big black dogs sadly do tend to get overlooked, so we hope people can see past this and he will find a home with people who understand his needs and are willing and able to put the work into this lovely boy.

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